OUTSTANDING – Pier is outstanding! He helped our family purchase a home that we loved in San Francisco for 11+ years. There were many competing offers and he helped us craft the winning one. He also helped us sell this special home in the Fall of 2015 when we relocated to the midwest. We have such fond memories of the time we spent in our home and we wouldn’t have them if it weren’t for Pier.

PROFESSIONAL – I’ve had these last 11+ years to witness Pier’s professionalism on our two transactions with him as well as with many family and friends. All of us remark about his sincere, thorough nature as well as his deep understanding of all the different facets of real estate.

As I’ve observed, Pier’s strengths include:

– INTEGRITY: Pier handled every aspect of our transactions with the utmost respect, courtesy and integrity.
– CONTRACTS: Pier has an excellent understanding of contracts, contract language and is seasoned enough to spot the often times very subtle contractual “gotchas”
– BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: As a former tradesman, Pier knows how buildings are built and the specific implications. He is also very knowledgeable on code compliance issues.
– RESOURCES: The website, video, printed materials, photos and overall marketing that Pier provided to help sell our home were very high end.
– RESPONSIVE: Phone, email, in person…Pier was always available to us when we needed him.

There hasn’t been a moment in working with Pier where I didn’t sense his consummate professionalism. His written and verbal communication are very clear. He is able to remain balanced throughout all of the undulations of a real estate deal. I would add also that Pier is talented at anticipating and responding to the all of the various wrinkles that emerge in the home sale process. His view of the process both when we purchased and when we sold was incredibly comprehensive.

DEPTH – Serving others through real estate is Pier’s craft. The depth with which he performs his work reminds me of an accomplished musician. He’s put in the time to gain mastery over all the aspects of his work, and he understands the great many nuances of working with real estate…his ability as a Listing Agent to respectfully and adroitly handle multiple offers, to our benefit as sellers, is a great example of this.

HEART – Pier comes from the Heart. I believe his professionalism and talent is second to none, and what I’ve learned about him over these last 11+ years is that he really does comes from the heart. Our happiness and success matter to him. A beautiful example of this is that Pier used his national network to help us find an agent in our new state. He personally interviewed numerous realtors…and then provided our family with a short list of agents that he felt would do an excellent job for us.

In working with Pier, the real gift has been working with someone who is adept at all the many elements of real estate and who also comes from the heart. The process feels better and more solid, the financial benefits are apparent, it’s more enjoyable, and in the end you feel more connected to yourself because the overall experience has been very successful. This is why our family knows Pier is OUTSTANDING!
D. Neitz

Dear Pier,
We wanted to thank you so much for your help and patience during our home buying odyssey. Your advice, guidance and most of all, support allowed us to realize our dreams of buying a home in San Francisco. It couldn’t have happened without you and for that, we are forever grateful!

D. and F. Devitt

Dear Pier,
Thank you for your call earlier today informing me that the sale to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roman had been completed. I was thrilled to get this news and appreciate your efforts in helping make it so.

I have been actively involved in a law practice for more than 30 years. I am a title lawyer and handle almost exclusively real estate property matters. As such, I have dealt with hundreds of Realtors in that time period. I have also had occasion to personally deal with Realtors in numerous states.

I believe, without exception, that you are the finest Realtor it has been my privilege to know and work with. I would put you at the very top of any list that anyone might wish to make.

This sale was a difficult one because of numerous issues. We had problems getting repairs to the house, claims from a neighbor for damages to her property that had been done by our property, problems with tenants and on and on.
In every one of these you literally persisted and got the problem solved.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you did for me. There is no way anyone could have improved upon it or handled faster or more professionally.

Thank you again and with best wishes, I am
Sincerely yours,
Jackie Yeldell
Law Offices of Rankin, Yeldell, Herring & Katz.

Hi Pier,
Just wanted to say thank you for everything. We really do appreciate your professionalism and dedication. We love the house!
Stanley Roman

Dear Pier,
I wanted to thank you for all your time and efforts. Every time you go above and beyond the call of duty. I’m so glad I walked into your office with my friend Jeffrey.

The thing is, I wanted to let you know why I appreciate you. First, you are a true partner. Throughout the buying and selling process, you always respected how I felt and what I said. I always felt in charge and yet I knew I was sharing the responsibility with you. That’s kind of cool. Also, when I was going to blunder big time (ie. asking a higher asking price after one had already been established) – you kept your cool and communicated quite effectively with me.

Buying and selling a place is so stressful, and being able to trust you the way I did was wonderful.

Anyway, what I like most of all is how equal you’ve made me feel. In our conversations, discussions and decisions I always felt valued and appreciated.
What a lucky person I am to have met and worked with you.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours

I purchased my first home in 1998 with Pier acting as my agent. He was exceptional.
I was focused on the mission/Bernal heights area and was beyond grateful for his particular knowledge of it, street by street. He also knows the process well. I was a single woman with zero experience in real estate and construction…. and I can be impulsive; Pier is methodical and thorough. I appreciated and really needed the caution and the candor he brought to the process. When I bought an investment property on Anderson street in 2000, he was very open about what I was getting into and when I could not be dissuaded, helped me with all the aspects of it including finding handymen and various subcontractors.
I bought it and fixed it – and when it was time to sell it – he helped me stage it and we found a good buyer at a good price.

My story about how he sold my personal residence in Bernal still counts as a miracle. It was 2010. Yes, the depth of the market. I was in NY, taking care of ill family. He helped me a)negotiate with tenants when their lease was up b) do major handyman stuff c) move my things out remotely d) list house and e) Get a fair price! In that horrible market….wow, I cannot believe it to this day.

Pier is a unique person with the heart of a true San Franciscan. I cannot say enough about what he did for me and my family. I would urge anyone who wants a personal and dedicated agent to get to know him.
Alison Jones
(Buyer/Seller, 4 transactions)

Dear Pier,
We want to take the opportunity to thank you for selling two of our San Francisco properties.
We want to especially acknowledge your professionalism throughout each of these processes. You kept our interest in mind while maintaining a sense of fairness for all parties in the transaction. We believe that your strategies in pricing and marketing these properties secured the best market price at this time.
We would recommend your services to our friends, relatives and others interested in selling their properties.
Wishing you continued success,
Ralph and Gladys Escoriaza

Dear Pier,
I want to thank you for all you did in selling my building at 110-114 Hancock Street, and in helping me complete a tax-deferred exchange. You also really helped increase the value of the building by the work you did in getting it converted to condominiums – with my living out of town, there’s no way I could have finished that process on my own. The whole transaction was complicated and tedious – but your attention to detail seemed to overcome the problems.

If I can ever recommend your services, please let me know.
Bill Mitchell

Hello Hello Pier,
This is so overdue. You should have had this card in your hands almost a year ago!
A big Thank You is in order Pier. I hope you know how much you were appreciated in our search for our first home. I feel so fortunate to have met you last November. Your approach to helping us in our search goes unmatched; we truly valued your insight patience and honesty (and knowledge!!) throughout.
Thanks again,
Nancy and Giles Bower

Dear Pier,
Thank you so much for all your help support and advice. We were very impressed with your professionalism. We’ve already recommended you to some people. Hope to see you around the neighborhood!
Sandy and Jim

To Whom I May Concern:
We are writing on behalf of Pier Charter. Pier handled our recent home sale with professionalism, friendliness and efficiency.

Pier was always prompt in keeping appointments and responding to any inquiries. He kept us informed at each stage of the process and he handled the many details of our home sale in a timely manner. We also appreciated Pier’s experience and candor. We felt great confidence in his ability.

We would high recommend Pier Charter to anyone wanting to sell their house.
Very truly yours,
Frank and Connie Burtnett

To Whom It May Concern:
Pier Charter represented my wife as a Seller of a rental in the Bernal Heights area of San Francisco.
As a Realtor in Pioneer, Ca. I am knowledgeable of real estate laws, contracts and procedures; but I was not familiar with San Francisco’s local customs, mandated inspections, and unique laws (particularly to tenants’ rights). Throughout the sale of the property we were kept completely informed of all details, from the first of the multiple offers, the results of the inspections and repairs, to the close of escrow.
The tenants informed us Pier was always both professional and polite and respected their rights and privacy.

If we ever have a real estate situation in the San Francisco area we will go through Pier Charter.
Pete Murphy